Sunday, January 3, 2010

World Nuclear Reactors and Iran!

Everybody knows that America's approach towards Iran's nuclear energy program is without any real grounds. These are based on the propaganda of fear that motivates people against Iran getting nuclear energy. These are also a result of lobbying of Israel against Iran that by acquiring peaceful nuclear energy, Iran will become a threat to global peace.

All these propagandas are performed by TV channels, newspapers and online sources that are mostly run by few western countries and dominated by USA. Till now, there is no such proof that Iran has been involved in any effort to develop nuclear weapons.

Why Iran needs nuclear energy? Its answer is very clearly given in the following article:

The summary of the article is that following are the reasons why Iran needs nuclear energy, not wants it:

1. Oil production is increasingly being used to meet home requirements and within few years, Iran will be an oil importers rather than oil producer.

2. With the rise of population, demand for emergy is increasing and to meet that need, Iran needs a clean energy source that does not deplete its natural resources. There are few countries that ask Iran to meets its additional energy needs by gas fired plants but that is a sheer waste of natural gas and additionally it is very expensive.

 Now, IAEA, the body that regulates international nuclear energy reactors is after Iran on the push of America. When we mention America, it has its own push by Israel.

Before we go any further, we consider the following link:
The page shows how many reactors are in each country. We shall rank the number of nuclear reactors and then we shall be able to analyze which countries should have UN sanctions according to the number of nuclear reactors they have. So the ranking is given below:

1. USA: 104 reactors operable, 31 reactors planned or proposed
2. France: 58 reactors operable, 3 reactors planned or proposed
3. Japan: 53 reactors operable, 16 reactors planned or proposed

4. Russia: 31 reactors operable, 53 reactors planned or proposed
5. South Korea: 20 reactors operable, 12 reactors planned or proposed
6. UK: 19 reactors operable, 10 reactors planned or proposed

7. Canada: 18 reactors operable, 9 reactors planned or proposed
8. Germany: 17 reactors operable, 0 reactors planned or proposed
9. India: 17 reactors operable, 44 reactors planned or proposed

10. Ukraine: 15 reactors operable, 22 reactors planned or proposed

Now, the status of Iran:

0 reactors operable, 5 reactors proposed or planned

So, have you compared the top 10 nuclear countries with Iran. USA has 104 nuclear reactors and when Iran is compared, it has 0. Therefore, you can see that there is no match.

Therefore, according to logic all the UN sanctions should be applied to those countries that are in at least the top list of nuclear reactor countries and have nuclear weapons as well.

Analyzing, we find that following countries have nuclear energy reactors and also nuclear weapons:

1. USA
2. France
3. Russia
4. UK
5. India

The results when filtered out show us that if these countries mentioned above have never been considered for UN sanctions even though they have nuclear reactors and arsenal, Iran should not ba a candidate for UN sanctions. Unfortunately, America acts as a puppet of Israel and is its big brother. The result is that Iran is made guilty of those crimes it has not done or is not committing; and trade and other sanctions apply to it due to the global policeman USA.

We know, "Everything is legal in love and war". When we look at USA as a leader of the world, we get confirmation of this saying mentioned above. We appreciate the power of American media that makes a pious country "Axis of Evil" and other countries which act as  "Axis of Evil" are made the world's respected countries.

What we suggest to Iran is to develop its own media so it can also show to the world about its nuclear programs and how Iran operates. We always get the stories from west controlled media and we are fed this information constantly. To have a balanced knowledge about Iran and countries in similar situation, all these countries should have English news channels that present to the world their own voice rather than get their voice corrupted through the bias when it passes through the west owned English channels.

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