Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Job Centre Plus for degree professionals: Not much they offer in services

Are you a degree professional and looking for work in UK? If you are finding it hard to get work in UK and considering visiting Job centre Plus, then read on.

Following are the services of Job Centre Plus for job seekers in degree professionals:

1. Provision of Job Seeker Allowance.
2. Take declaration from job seeker taking Job Seeker Allowance that he/she is still looking for work to make sure that allowance is only paid when an individual is seeking work (if the advisor gets hint that the individual is studying, then allowance will be stopped or excused)
3. Arrangement of a one day course that is about job seeking for professionals
4. Test of mock interview by some Job Centre partners such as 'Futures'
5. Provision of office environment like cubicles in some Job Centre partners for job seekers to search jobs from there

Job Centres do not perform the following:

1. Search jobs for you or let you know about jobs. Search jobs by yourself using web sites or your means
2. Train or retrain you in any field as they do not have any such budget
3. Accurately judge your CV particularly in technical areas because their capabilities are limited to non-professional CVs generally

In summary. for degree professionals, they are limited to the one day job seeking course, a desk, mock interview testing and the allowance. This is not really much they offer to job seekers with higher education background.

The information is accurate at the time of writing of the article.

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